B2B Marketing and Cold Call Consulting 

Marketing solutions created for your services or products that increase profits and ROI.

  • Improve your marketing strategy and save time because you can invest in services & products by phone wherever you are around the world.  You don't have to have someone come to your office to help your business improve, increase profits and ROI.  

  • You can play golf, go shopping, take a vacation, spend time with the kids while your B2B marketing strategy is improved to increase profits and ROI.  Click the sections on the menu bar for more information about the services and products I offer.  Call (614) 276-1200 Mondays through Thursdays 9:00 am to 5:00 pm for customized marketing solutions.

  • Get a FREE no cost recommendation.  To create your customized recommendation, please complete our questionnaire.  After you answer the questions, you will receive a recommendation via e-mail that provide you with information that can help you improve your marketing activities, and increase profits.  Click Marketing Questions, download the document and fax the answers to (614) 340-7255 or you can e-mail me by using the following e-mail address: businessconsulting@kennardbrown.com  

Marketing profit & ROI boosting services:


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