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In this constantly changing economy and marketplace, it is wise to proactively improve the marketing activities you are using to generate prospects. You don't want to wait until something bad happens and then try to create a solution.

Kennard L. Brown (KLB) specializes in developing direct response solutions designed to sell your services and products.  KLB offers digital marketing and other types of marketing services. Customized marketing services are provided based on your feedback. Plus, you will save time because you can invest in marketing services and products by phone wherever you are around the world.

The average cold calling sales cycle is mostly based on high-pressure sales methodology. My 30+ years of telemarketing experience are a combination of using high-pressure and no-pressure techniques. Over the years, I have discovered the no-pressure approach is more effective. Kennard L. Brown B2B telemarketing consulting services are based on the no-pressure approach in reference to telemarketing because it reduces stress for the telemarketer, shortens sales cycles, and ultimately increases sales.

Benefit from 30 years of copywriting, sales, and marketing experience;

understanding how to generate prospects for your sales representatives and sales department.

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KLB provides software & technology services  customized for your organization. KLB is a BairesDev software engineering solutions provider and a HubSpot provider solutions partner. Dr. Brown has over 30+ years of technology experience, holds a MSIT degree and teaches information technology for Purdue Global. 

Sales Writing for B2B Companies

You want to tell your clients exactly how they can benefit from what you have to offer. To do that, your copywriter needs to understand what you do. With 30 years of experience using and learning software, I understand what the needs are for your industry. 

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Prospects should be able to search for your company’s products or services on Google by simply typing keywords that are related to your company’s website. Logically, it is much easier to sell someone when they are actively looking for your service or product. This is why proper search engine optimization is necessary for your website. If your website is not properly optimized, then it is like throwing a business card on the ground and no one sees it.

Software Consulting

KLB provides software to help your company improve and increase productivity.

Promotional Product Planning